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Marshall Point Lighthouse

Are you looking for nature fine art to display in your home or office? Visit Crystal’s Pixel Store or Gary’s Pixel Store to browse through hundreds of nature photographs from sunsets to sunrises, waterfalls, mountain vistas, and many more landscape photos.

Animal Theme or Bird Theme

If you are looking for an Animal Theme or Bird Theme, we’ve got you covered with wildlife from Yellowstone National Park; buffalo, black bears, grizzly bears, and coyotes. Also, don’t forget about the baby animals. If you are looking to decorate your child’s bedroom with bear cubs or bison calves, I’ve got that for you. Are you a bird lover? Browse through song birds such as Cardinals and Blue Jays or birds of prey such as the American Bald Eagle or Red Tail Hawk and don’t forget the waterfowl such as Mallards, Great Blue Heron, Egrets and more.

Gardens and Flowers

Are you looking for a beautiful elegant flower to have a sense of Spring or Summer in your room? Crystal has flora for you. Roses, Sunflowers, Lilies, Cherry Blossoms, Water Lilies, Tulips, and more. Come browse the gardens with me. Maybe you’ll find a sunflower canvas print that would go perfectly with your bedroom. Or, maybe you’ll get garden ideas for your own backyard. Whatever it may be, if you love flowers, you’ll enjoy browsing Crystal’s Garden and Flower Collection.

Macro Photography and Abstract Art

Do you prefer Abstract Art? Abstract fits your personality. Check out Crystal’s Macro Collection and Abstract Collection. Crystal’s specialty is macro photography. With photographing macro, you can create such detail, that you feel like you’re standing right next to it. With macro photography, you can create abstract art from texture, light, and shadows. Does water calm you? Do you find raindrops soothing? Browse my Waterdrop Collection. You can find raindrops on flowers, water drops splashing creating abstract art and so much more.
Do you have a black and white theme room? We do. Black and white photos look great on a white wall, or room decor with black, white and gray. Crystal has beautiful artistic black and white photos of cityscapes, snowscapes, waterfalls, and more.