Macro Photography

Welcome to the Top 16 Macro photos of all time by Crystal Wightman.

Macro photography of a frozen bubble sitting on snow.

Macro photography is available as fine art prints on canvas, metal, acrylic, wood and framed prints. Also available in various sizes.

Frozen bubbles is a unique form of macro photography. It can only be achieved in freezing temperatures. With the mixture of soap and water, every day bubbles will freeze in the cold winter creating unique textures to the surface or the bubble.

A macro photo of a pink Gerbera flower, oriental lily, a red rose against a black background and a pink calla lily.

A grasshopper sitting on a marigold flower, a bumblebee enjoying the sunflower, a dragonfly and monarch butterfly.

A snowy fern, purple orchids against a black background, Cherry Blossoms in the spring and a beautiful dark red rose.

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water drops on flower

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