Crystal and Gary

Do you have your Adventure Buddy?

Like most people, you had a camera in your hand at a young age, but my passion for nature photography came when Gary and I travel across the United States for our honeymoon. Spent 2 months on the road visiting many destinations after Gary came home from Iraq. At the time we had one camera, when we came home we had two cameras.

This is when our passion for travel and photography started. 15+ years later and we still can not get enough of traveling. 98% of our destinations are based around photography opportunities. We love to go on adventures. We like to hike, kayak, and go for bike rides.

Although I have photographed portraits my field is nature photography. I am interested in Pet Photography as I do have a love for dogs. I enjoy nature and can see the beauty in all things mother nature has given us. Photographing beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and macro photography.

The Army will always be a part of Gary, no matter where life takes him. Although he will photograph a beautiful waterfall or a scenic vista, his passion is wildlife photography.

Crystal has a love for dogs. She has dog training experience with several breeds. If you’re looking for a dog trainer or dog photographer contact Crystal for more info.